Robert Looney Book
Latest book about the Looney Family and Looney History 


"Your wonderful Looney book arrived yesterday. Although I have not had time to look over the entire book, I can tell you I am delighted to see the original documents AND their transcriptions. I noticed a huge index including place names, and your bibliography. A special thank you for those additions. I found your pictures with your helpers showing off the new book. How proud you must me to have accomplished such a wonderful book. I know it took a long time to visit the places, gather the information and put it into a book. "Mary B. Kegley, historian, Wytheville, Virginia

"What a wonderful volume! You have out done yourself. It is an historical treasure for future generations."Kenneth Thompson, Jr, Cross Plains, Tennessee

"We are sure that this book will be used by many people, just as Volume I has been used. "Tommy L. Moore, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Botetourt County, Virginia

"I have been so engrossed with studying Volume II. The genuine excitement I feel in reading this documented history is difficult to express. I thank you so much for your labor of love in the creation of this wonderful book. "Sherry Owens, Sandy, Oregon 

"Your Most Distinguished Characters on the American Frontier, Children of Robert and Elizabeth Looney book arrived today. It is a beautifully documented and impressive history of the Looney families. My staff and I will enjoy reading it and learning about these remarkable early settlers. I especially like the included handwritten documents and illustrations. In our Archives, we will use your book to help other Looney researchers. " Doris R. Martinson, Manager and Archivist, Knox County Archives, Knoxville, Tennessee

"Thank you for Volume 2 of the Looney Family History book, featuring the Looney genealogy and events. The Looney family sure made its mark! "Howard A. MacCord, Sr., Archaeologist, Richmond, Virginia