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Most Distinguished Characters on the American Frontier, Robert Looney (b. 1692-1702 d. 1770) of Augusta (now Botetourt) County, Virginia, and some of his descendants, with histories of the Great Road, Looney's Ferry, Crow's Ferry, Anderson's Ferry, Boyd's Ferry, and Beale's Bridge, Volume 1 by Madge Looney Crane and Phillip L. Crane (1998-99)

This book details the history of Robert and Elizabeth Looney of Augusta (now Botetourt) County, Virginia. The introduction discusses the traditional roots of the Looney family on the Isle of Man, the importance of Looney's Ferry and other crossings on the James River in the vicinity of what is now Buchanan, Botetourt County, Virginia. New interpretations of the significance of Looney's Fort and Looney's Ferry during the French and Indian War are presented. One section covers the excavations at the Robert Looney homesite at the mouth of Looney's Mill Creek. The book includes the exact location of Robert Looney's tracts of land on modern-day maps. Over 48 maps by the author, 34 historical maps, 18 plats (showing metes and bounds), and 38 photographs plus over 100 documents (with transcriptions). Charts are used to show some of Robert Looney's descendants through the fourth generation. A list traces the descend of several descendants back to the sons of Robert Looney. This history will help interested researchers understand the turbulent times in which Robert and Elizabeth Looney lived. Hard cover, 442 pages.   

Currently this volume is out of print. The authors are in the process of converting all the camera ready pages to PDF files so the book can be REPRINTED hopefully before the end of 2009. The price of the REPRINT will be determined at that time.

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