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Description Volume Two

Volume Two is about the 10 known sons of Robert and Elizabeth Looney. This is the second generation at its best! This book will help you not only understand the family, but the American Frontier.

(B. 1692- 1702  D.  1770) AND ELIZABETH LOONEY of Augusta
(now Botetourt County), Virginia, and some of their descendants, Vol. II

AUTHORS:  Madge Looney Crane and Phillip L. Crane

SUBJECT:    American Frontier and Looney Family Genealogy

A continuation of Volume I, this volume is a detailed history of the second generation of the Looney Family in America. The book includes biographies of Thomas Looney, Robert Looney, Jr., Daniel Looney, Adam Looney, Samuel Looney, Absalom Looney, John Looney, Peter Looney, Colonel David Looney, and Captain Joseph Looney. There is also a section about the 1941 Looney Reunion and the Looney DNA project. This is the first announcement that Robert Looney descends from the Vikings.

A vast area is covered in this book as the family moved from Botetourt County, Virginia, westward into what is now Tennessee and South Carolina.  Petitions and other documents are transcribed, listing the names of hundreds of people who were present on the American frontier during the late 1700's and early 1800's. This book is especially important for people researching the history of early Botetourt County, Virginia, and Sullivan County, Tennessee. The military contribution of the Fincastle, Virginia, militia, the Kanawha Expedition, Christian's Cherokee Expedition, the Battle of Log Island on the Holston, and the Revolutionary War are discussed. The Lost State of Franklin, Cession of North Carolina's western land, and the Military Reservation, are just a few of the many topics.

There are also complete biographies of Stephen Rentfro, Sr. (d. 1804), James McKain (d. 1793) and historian Leroy W. Tilton. There are genealogical charts for each of the sons mentioned above through the fifth generation. This will help researchers keep the various members of the family straight, since they often had the same given names. Fully indexed and documented, 52 pictures, 100 plats, 70 maps, and 550 images of documents scanned into text.

NUMBER OF PAGES    1,000                                                       
Hardcover Binding